Nature Therapy

Reach is currently preparing for an amazing nature program that will take place in Yellowstone in the summer of 2017. Angela Gilbert, the founder of The Reach Program, talks about this exciting news:

"I believe that it's in nature that our spirits really open up. We are able to leave many parts of our outside lives behind and come at things with a different perspective.  Yellowstone has always been a magical place for me and has so many amazing places and things to see! I know that it will provide the perfect place for these teens to open up, get in touch with who they really are, and begin to love and trust themselves."
For more information about our Nature Programs of 2017, please contact Angela at angela@thereachpro

Our Mission

The Reach Program is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides community stewardship in organizing activities, education, service, and support to children in need with a special focus on children who are victims of abuse and/or neglect, and children who suffer from depression or suicidal ideations. Our goal is to inspire children to reach for all they deserve in life by empowering and assisting them in building a bright future, filled with purpose and self-love.

What We Do!

The Reach Program is bringing the community together to create peace in the lives of our youth by educating them, as well as, adults in how to help those who become lost or are suffering inside. We are building a powerful force, armed with knowledge, acceptance, and love to guide and protect them. We believe that there aren't enough resources being put into taking care of our youth's mental health. Schools do not have the funds to teach courses dedicated entirely to coping with life's struggles or on how to understand and navigate through all of the emotions our minds and bodies are producing.

With the number of suicides on the rise, we need to be vigilant in getting the word out that there is hope! Suicide is not the only solution to the problem. There are many others in the community that have won the battle and are now ready to fight for your life right along side of you. It's going to take a community coming together as one to end the stigma of mental health and a collective effort needs to be made to save our children!

Through our Teen Support Classes and our Suicide Prevention Classes, we will build a solid foundation for our children to build upon as they move into adulthood. We will teach and create empathy, acceptance, compassion, and love, not only for others, but for ourselves as well. It's just how we roll at The Reach Program!