When you shop on Amazon, they will donate to The Reach Program. Use the link above!


The Reach Program is an all-volunteer 501c3 nonprofit organization that runs solely on donations from our community. We provide food, craft activities, holiday decorations, games, animal therapy, and lots of laughter to children that have been abused and/or neglected. Most of these children are in state's custody and waiting to be placed in foster care.  Even though these children have a roof over their head, they are essentially homeless. These children deserve support from their community and to be shown that they are loved!

The donations we receive assist us in buying all of the supplies needed for our activities, any food that we aren't able to get donated, craft items, holiday decorations, game prizes and treats, hygiene products and other essential necessities for the youth. 

We also teach Suicide Prevention Classes to the public for free. There are cost associated with putting the materials and handouts together for this class. Your donations help cover our costs so we can continue to make these classes available to everyone! Your donation saves lives!

We appreciate every donation, no matter what amount!!! We do our best to buy items that can be used over and over again in order to keep our costs as low as possible while providing the youth with amazing activities and the public with life-saving education!